Mobile Laboratories

All our equipment is serviced on a yearly basis and where necessary, calibrated. In our opinion, the testing methods for Trichomoniases and Vibrioses used in the industry at the moment, is not standardised enough for transporting samples over long distances and long periods of time. To insure that the tests are done in a standardised manner, we make use of mobile laboratories.

Our mobile laboratories have equipment like fridges, incubators, laptop computers and phase-contrast microscopes (used specially for wet specimens like semen). The lab has equipment to determine the density of semen on site (by means of a spectrophotometer). 

Because we place a lot of emphasis on the testing of Trichomoniases, the samples are cultivated within ten minutes of collection to get a speedy result. 

The laboratory is open to the public from Monday to Friday, but the laboratory tests are done 7 days a week.