Our Services include:

  • The collection of bull semen and freezing for Artificial Insemination (AI) purposes
  • Semen collection for export at our 4 Bull stations (Bronkhorstspruit, Venterdorp, Kroonstad and Excelcior)
  • The collection of dog semen and freezing for AI purposes
  • The evaluation of fresh collected semen
  • Storage of semen
  • AI equipment
  • Objective analysis of frozen semen (cattle, sheep, goats and pigs)
  • Electronic semen morphology tests
  • Testing of bulls for veneric diseases
  • Importation of semen, embryos and live stock
  • qPCR diagnostic services

The Services mentioned above are available in the following countries:

  • South Africa
  • Botswana
  • Namibia
  • Zimbabwe
  • Mozambique
  • Swaziland
  • Lesotho

More Services

  • Selling and exporting of local genetics
  • Viability testing of semen

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Mobile Laboratories

Our mobile laboratories are equipped for efficient semen collection and analysis as well as to aptly handle and store biological samples.

All our equipment is serviced on a yearly basis and where necessary, calibrated. In our opinion, the testing methods for Trichomoniases and Vibrioses used in the industry at the moment, is not standardised enough for transporting samples over long distances and long periods of time. To insure that the tests are done in a standardised manner, we make use of mobile laboratories.

Our mobile laboratories have equipment like fridges, incubators, laptop computers and phase-contrast microscopes (used specially for wet specimens like semen). The lab has equipment to determine the density of semen on site (by means of a spectrophotometer). 

Because we place a lot of emphasis on the testing of Trichomoniases, the samples are cultivated within ten minutes of collection to get a speedy result. 

The laboratory is open to the public from Monday to Friday, but the laboratory tests are done 7 days a week.

Semen Testing and Analysis

We do frozen semen evaluations on a large scale at our state-of-the-art laboratory.

Frozen Semen Analysis

We do frozen semen evaluations on a large scale at our state-of-the-art laboratory. This includes determining the following: 

  • Objective semen evaluation 
  • Accurate sperm count (computer driven)
  • Sperm morphology and sperm morphomotry 
  • Bacterial count per semen sample 
  • Sperm life expectancy (computer driven) 


The morphology of semen is a highly specialised field and Vriesit is one of the only companies in South Africa to offer this service. Basically, sperm morphology results are reported as the percentage of sperm that appear normal when semen is viewed under a microscope; highly helpful in determining fertility and reproduction potential. We never hesitate to ask a second opinion regarding any aspect of semen morphology, and should any questions arise we directly contact this world renowned authority on the subject, our mentor Professor Albert Barth of the Western College of Veterinary Medicine of Saskatchewan.

Diagnostic Services

Fast, accurate and sensitive diagnostic techniques play an important role in the control of venereal diseases.

Venereal Diseases

Venereal diseases is a crippling factor in reproduction and herd management. Fast, accurate and sensitive diagnostic techniques play an important role in the control of venereal diseases. We are proud that our 26-year experience in respect of Trichomoniases in this field is also currently being rolled out to other countries on the African continent. 

Vriesit Molecular Services

The Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) method utilizes the process of DNA replication to amplify specific DNA segments in vitro. This technique has a vast range of applications, including the field of veterinary diagnostics. The use of PCR in diagnostics entails the design of highly specific probes to each pathogen of interest. These probes recognize and amplify the target DNA, which is detected by gel electrophoresis after the PCR process is completed. In quantitative PCR (qPCR), DNA amplification is detected in real time during the PCR process. This eliminates the need for gel electrophoresis.
Vriesit has established a Real Time PCR laboratory (qPCR) to enhance its diagnostic services. This laboratory utilizes the latest qPCR technology to render highly accurate and sensitive results from field samples.

Advantages of qPCR :

  • Faster acquisition of results with real time detection.
  • Each individual qPCR reaction contains an internal positive control to ensure that the entire procedure (from DNA extraction to the qPCR reaction) was performed correctly. This control also indicates whether PCR inhibitors are present in a sample.
  • qPCR can be designed to be more specific than conventional PCR with the addition of an extra probe specific to the pathogen of interest. This technique also minimizes the detection of non-specific DNA amplification.
  • Increased reproducibility and higher robustness.
  • qPCR is a highly sensitive method that as far less susceptible to varying and poor sampling conditions than both conventional PCR and culture methods.
  • Very low copy numbers of template DNA (organisms) can be detected and the organisms do not need to be viable in order to be detected. Therefore, if the organisms perish during sampling and transport to the testing laboratory, it can still be detected by the qPCR method.
  • qPCR can render highly accurate results.

The qPCR laboratory currently offers the following tests

  • Tritrichomonas foetus identification (qPCR)
  • Campylobacter fetus identification (qPCR)

Vriesit parentage testing

Vriesit now offers DNA profiling and Parentage testing of cattle and horses. The laboratory uses the International Panel of Microsatellites that is employed by the International Society of Animal Genetics (ISAG). The bovine and equine ISAG panels contain 12 and 17 microsatellite markers respectively. DNA profiles generated by our laboratory are comparable to profiles generated by other laboratories that utilize the ISAG microsatellite panels and guidelines. The laboratory is registered with ISAG (Member 93401) and participates in their annual Comparison Testing Program. 
The laboratory utilizes Life Technologies’ latest 3500XL Genetic Analyzers. This system makes use of standardized pre-made and RIFD tagged reagents, which leads to highly accurate and repeatable results.

Sample types:

  • Blood on FTA cards / in EDTA tubes (at least 1ml)
  • Biopsy dart
  • Semen

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Semen Collection

We collect semen from various animals.



Canine semen collection


Leporine (Hare)



Semen collection and fertility reports for fresh or frozen semen available on all equine breeds.







Canine Semen Collection

Our services include the following: 

  • Collecting semen of  dogs 
  • Processing of Canine Semen for freezing and fertility.
  • Freezing, storing, import, and export of canine semen
  • Lazer printing on semen straws (3 lines of data)
  • All aspects of import and export including permits

The process

Most semen collections are done by means of masturbation. The process is started with the sperm collector triggering an initial erection by stimulating the stud’s penis with his hand. Once the initial erection is achieved, the collector will extrude the penis from its sheath and slip a collection tube over the penis. Then, by putting circumferential pressure on the penis just before the bulbus glandis and massaging the penis between his forefinger and thumb, the collector will cause the stud to ejaculate. 
The dog may now “step over”, which is when the penis turns at a 90 degree angle, as is the case with true copulation. This is when the ejaculate contains the most sperm, and the collector will make sure that most of this ejaculate is collected. The collection tube is removed as soon as the collector is certain that no more semen-rich fluid is ejaculated, and the collected semen is evaluated with the Sperm Vision system. The stud is now attended to, and the collector makes sure that the bulbus glandis dissipates safely before leaving the dog.

The sperm may then be stored by freezing it, and later distributed to breeders.


We also offer semen collection and analysis on Game, for freezing purposes.

Leporine (Hare)

Vriesit is exploring the field of leporine semen collection and artificial insemination.

Semen Storage

We store semen and embryos at a monthly fee.

As part of our service we also store semen and embryos at a monthly fee. We currently have approximately 2 million semen straws in storage.

Semen Importer Services

Our import services include bovine, equine and canine semen.


Our import services include bovine, equine and canine semen.     
We coordinate the breeders, suppliers, shipping companies and import permits.  In addition, our clearing agents navigate customs, after which we do the clearing of the semen at the quarantine station.  


Our export services include the export of bovine and dog semen to select countries.
We can arrange for export of semen to other countries.  It is important to note that semen can only be exported if there is a valid permit for the ‘receiving country’. Semen for export must be collected to the specifications of the receiving countries.  If all the conditions are met (with proof of all tests performed), the provincial state veterinarian will issue a health certificate and the semen can be exported by us.

Stock Semen

We stock a selection of imported bovine semen that is immediately available.  Prices (in US$) are available on request.     

  • Database of bull semen in stock 
  • Database of bull semen that can be ordered


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