Our goal is to remain at forefront of veterinary andrology – serving our customers with integrity and the latest technology.

Technology and Knowledge

Vriesit Laboratory is the only veterinary laboratory in Africa that can evaluate bull-, horse-, and pig semen objectively by means of CASA (Computer Assisted Semen Analysis) systems. To do this, we use the latest technology available globally, including the Spermvision™ from Germany, as well as Spanish (SCA™) systems. These test are done according to international standards concerning standardisation, repeatability, accuracy and precision. All apparatus used are recalibrated on an annual base. Vriesit Laboratories is the only laboratory in Africa to do a Vitality study on all frozen semen. Due to our use of these and other high-tech equipment, we are able to objectively determine frozen semen quality of the highest  standard, resulting in higher conception figures in comparison to subjectively-tested frozen semen.

We are now also proud to announce that we are appointed as one of 8 reference laboratories in South Africa. This is for the standardisation of laboratories in South Africa.

Our mentor regarding the morphology of semen is Professor Albert Barth of the Western College of Veterinary Medicine of Saskatchewan. If we need a second opinion regarding any aspect of semen morphology, we directly contact this world renowned authority on the subject.


Vriesit was founded in 1988 by Henk van der Laarse (Veterinary Technologist). With his years of experience in the field of medical research, as well as a team of highly experienced specialists; Henk was able to grow Vriesit into one of the most respected andrology laboratories in South Africa.

In 1996, the Semen Importer Services division was added to the company’s stables of services. This currently includes the import and export of bovine (bull) semen from and to several countries. We also import horse and dog semen, as well as exporting dog semen globally. In 1998, Joppie Fourie joined Vriesit as an Associate. Together they grew the company to one of the most successful and respected veterinary andrology labs in South Africa.